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RORO Packing list Mandatory requirement as of the 1st Aug 2019

Dear customer,

Due to updates in the Port modalities and Municipal Port Police regulations (MPPR) now in force in Antwerp, it has become necessary to supply a detailed (merchants reference) packing list for all second hand units presented to the berth with additional cargo loaded within. Grimaldi have considered the above and in light of the fact that Antwerp is a key hub port for many destinations, has decided to maintain a harmonised approach, therefore similar regulations will enforced at all Grimaldi European terminals as of the 1st August 2019.

To this end, all units presented with additional cargo loaded on or within at Tilbury Docks for export, will in addition to complying with the reception criteria also require a detailed merchant reference packing list to be affixed to the inside of the front windscreen, lower passenger side, taking care not to obstruct or hinder the view of the driver. This packing list must be referenced with the S3 number and the last 6 digits of the chassis number for the units within which or upon which the cargo has been loaded.

An electronic copy of the packing list must also be sent prior to delivery to the Grimaldi port office – email address – Subject heading must reference the ‘S3 number and ‘Packing list’.

Vehicles presented at Tilbury Docks on or after the 5th of August that do not comply with the above requirement will be refused entry to the terminal. Packing lists cannot be presented after the fact.

We remind customers that any cargo loaded, is on the basis of ‘shippers load stow and count’ and neither the line or terminal accept any liability for the goods.
Packing lists need to be detailed as they maybe referred to by competent authorities monitoring compliance with Maritime and national regulations.

All items declared in a packing list must be compliant with the all environmental and legal requirements governing export and imports for the POL and POD countries involved, as well as those policies and regulations set by the Grimaldi within its published Modalities.

We also remind customers that Grimaldi do not accept any form of IMDG cargo whatsoever and no such items should be loaded within or upon vehicles.

The shipper and their agent remain liable at all times for the correct compliance with all legal obligations pertaining to the export of goods.

We thank you for your understanding and compliance with the above to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving.

Best Regards
Grimaldi Agencies UK Ltd


Effective from the 1st July 2019 New THC charges will be applicable as below for RORO units.


Car £27.00
Vans – under 2t/s £34.00

Vehicles (driveable)
Under 2 t/s £34.00
2.1 – 5 t/s £49.00
5.1 – 15 t/s £66.00
15.1 – 25 tonnes £82.00
25.1 + tonnes £140.00

Standard trailers (towed) / non self-drivable above plus 23%

Please call Grimaldi UK Agencies Ltd, on 0207 766 9470 for W.Africa, or 0207 766 9440 for S.America for further details.

Ban on Excavators to Ghana – effective 1st May 2019

Please see the below press release issued by the Ministry of Transport in Ghana.
It was initially hoped that this would be temporary and may not have been enforced, however enforcement will commence as of the 1st May 2019.
Grimaldi will therefore NOT Accept or load any Excavators or units defined in anyway as an Excavator to Ghana, with Immediate effect.
For information…

Press release of the 1st April 2019 by the Ministry of Transport states.

At a sitting on the 27th March 2019, cabinet places as temporary ban on the importation of excavators. This has become necessary following Government’s decision to regulate the use of excavators, especially in its efforts to combat the illegal mining phenomenon, popularly referred to as galamsey.
The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority and Ministry of Trade and Industry have taken note of this directive by Cabinet.
The ban is with effect from 1st May, 20198 until further notice.
The Public is, hereby, urged to take note of this directive.

Kwaku Ofori Asiamah

Amended cargo acceptance notice covering loaded vehicles 10th April 2019

We are pleased to be able to advise that with immediate effect Grimaldi will in support of the market and in consideration of the various requests from our loyal customers allow the acceptance again of P/effects and spare parts loaded in and on Units as long as this cargo is visible and verifiable in a safe manner..

To summaries. All cargo must firstly comply with our general modalities which are available online relating to stacking, lashing, securing and the general profile requirements for units presented for export.

With regards to cargo loaded within and on units, this will once again be accepted as long as it is loaded in line with general terms of the modalities and taking into account the following:

personal effects /spare parts inside cars, small vans, big vans and truck/trailers provided :
–        they can be visually inspected (meaning that loading compartment must be accessible )
–        inspection can be done in safe manner
–        all stacked /stuffed items need to be seaworthy stowed/stacked and lashed/secured (see additional points below*)

We remind all shippers that they will be rejected if goods found on or in RORO units are:

Hazardous in nature, f.e. fuels/lubricants/flammable goods…..etc..)
Illegal items (arms/ammunition /etc… )
Environmentally prohibited items related to both export and import countries
Perishable items
Dirty and leaking oil or other liquids

Where presented as stated in our announcement of the 20th March (see below), Tanktainers/Trailer must have valid and verified Gas free/ Cleaning certificates, and the weight of the unit is in line with the unladed plated weight of the unit.

Please be aware that our modlities will be strictly enforced, any previous leniency in regards to 3 tier stacking and heights etc., will no longer be allowed. The decision of the Grimaldi Port Captain will be final.

*We remind all shippers that no weight tolerance is allowed, and all units must be within their plated weight / axle limits
*Cargo stacked on trucks / trailers must remain within the plated weight of the base vehicle as well in the case of a third-tier unit, the carrying unit.
*No cargo loaded on trucks/ trailers can be loaded on compressible items, all cargo must be loaded in profile and on designed load bearing points. No cargo can over hang or rest on the Drivers cabin.

New fuel surcharge for road transport effective 1st April 2019

1ST APRIL 2019



CTN / BESC – Senegal – Effective 1st March

Please be guided that effective as of the 1st March 2019, a Cargo Tracking Note (BESC) becomes mandatory for shipments of all cargo types to Senegal.

Please note below;

– the CTN is a mandatory document to allow the admissibility of the customs declaration, and to avoid the risk of fines from COSEC and additional penalty charges.

– The CTN is the shipper’s responsibility

– The CTN is to be declared on the Bills of lading & manifest. Manifests must be submitted ASAP and no later than 72 hours prior to arrival, therefore CTN should be provided at time of booking or at the time of sailing.

– Failure to provide timely CTN numbers will result in manifest amendments. The submission of CTN numbers after the manifest has been presented to Senegalese customs will be subject to the COSEC penalty charge along with all relevant manifest amendment fees, additional fines and administration fees, all of which are payable prior cargo release. Charges and fines remain the responsibility of the Shipper.

Shippers can refer to the following website for more information and to obtain a valid CTN

CTN Monrovia, Mandatory and effective 23rd Jan 2019

Please be advised that effective from the 23rd January 2019, (which was also the date of notice from the Liberian Authorities), shipments to Liberia MUST have a valid CTN number.
No cargo will be allowed to load on a vessel without a valid CTN number.

Grimaldi UK require a valid CTN number to be provided at the time of booking, to avoid unnecessary costs resulting from Q/rent etc. All such costs remain the liability of the booking party.

For good order please also note ;

– it is a mandatory requirement to insert the CTN number in the bill of lading and manifest

– it is a mandatory requirement for in transit cargo through Liberia, if applicable.

Shippers can refer to the following website for more information and to obtain a valid CTN.

New container THC levels 1st March 2019

Please note following a review of all current Container THC’s at our European load Ports the Grimaldi Group will be adjusting its present Import and Export Container THC’s to the following levels.

EFFECTIVE – 1st March 2019

Load/discharge port 20’/40′ Standard and Special equipment, excluding Reefer and out of gauge containers

Load ports
Hull & Belfast

GBP 150 – 20’/40′ Dry cargo

Also, please note the following adjusted 20’/40’ THC excluding Reefers for other European Ports.

Amsterdam / Rotterdam € 215 / container
Antwerp € 195 / container
French ports € 220 / container
Hamburg € 235 / container
Portuguese ports € 190 / container
Spanish ports € 195 / container
Finnish ports € 115 / container
Italian ports (waf trade) € 185 / container

The above will automatically update all shipment charges from the 1st of March and will affect all contract rates regardless of validity.

If you require any further information as to how these new adjustments will affect your present and future shipments please do not hesitate to contact, your local Grimaldi Agent.

Ghana EPA Notice – Effective 1st November 2018

Dear customer,

Please see the below advisory note as to the impending implementation of the a pre-shipment inspections for electronic equipment (EEE) and tyres for exports into Ghana.
Below is a summary of our understanding of the regulations coming into force. We recommend those customers who maybe affected to check the relevant websites and talk to their customers/Importers.

SGS will and associated companies around the world, carry out physical inspection and verification at the country of export of any used electrical and electronic products and tyres.

SGS will collect an advance eco levy on all electrical and electronic equipment and tyres exported to Ghana, based on the “polluter pays principle”.

Implementation Date of 1st November 2018 is the loading date at Port of Loading (note : we understand that the Authorities have requested SGS to update their website to show 1st November).

Liability of compliance rests with the importer / exporter. Importers of EEE and tyres to the Republic of Ghana are responsible to inform their supplier/exporter of the mandatory nature of the program and of the requirement to register on the-environmental platform deployed by SGS.

No consignment will be cleared through Customs without an electronic environmental declaration form approval / clearance certificate

For further information, shippers should refer to SGS directly.

Past the below link to your browser

Enforcement of Federal Ministry of Finance notification regarding Palletisation of containerised cargo

The Federal Ministry of Finance’s recent met to confirm that enforcement of their policy for palletisation of Containerised cargo will commence 1st January 2018.


For matters concerning palletisation particular to certain cargo types, we recommend that shippers refer to their receiver for clarification.

IMPORTANT- Commencement of Port Specific FIFO receiving and loading in Tilbury for used West African RORO cargo – IMPORTANT

Please note that with effect from the 13th May Grimaldi Lines will operate in Tilbury a full Port specific, First in First out (FIFO) receiving and loading operation for all used WAF RORO cargo.
Grimaldi have been operating on an unofficial FIFO since the inception of the weekly service to Lagos and Tema, but feel a move to full FIFO operation will enhance the service provided to all parties and complement the changes instigated in gate reception over the past weeks in Tilbury.

Clients will see little outward change to the way bookings are made except you will be asked for an expected delivery date.
Under FIFO the date on which your cargo is delivered to the quay will now be the controlling factor as to which vessel your cargo will be loaded on.

Grimaldi will continue to take bookings against a specific voyage based on the POD’s being served and expected date of arrival of the cargo. Please ensure you have an idea of when the cargo will be delivered.
Generally cargo will be booked against the first available sailing, unless the expected delivery date is later than the closing date for this vessel, in this case the cargo will be booked for the second vessel.

Grimaldi will have open, for receiving, 2 WAF voyages (please see Web schedule). Any cargo booked for the later vessel but arrives prior to the official closing of the first will be automatically rolled into the earlier sailing subject to space.

The FIFO operation requires the Clients to understand and ensure the following ;

Cargo loading will be governed by the order of delivery to the quay and subsequent stowage in the Terminal. It is therefore imperative that cargo is delivered as soon as possible, as late arriving cargo booked for the first available vessel will not be prioritised over cargo already on quay.

All cargo arriving on quay in Tilbury MUST be available for shipment * and customer cleared (have permission to proceed)
*Customers MUST ensure that they have all payments that they may require etc, Grimaldi will not, due to quay space restraints, place cargo on hold. If the cargo is not to be shipped before a specific vessel then do not deliver the cargo to the quay. Once the cargo is on quay Grimaldi will take this as acknowledgement that it is available for loading and will act accordingly.

All cargo booked for the second vessel but delivered on quay prior to the closing of the first vessel WILL be rolled on to the first vessel for loading. If you do not want your cargo shipped earlier than the intended vessel then do not delivery your cargo prior to the official closing of the first vessel.

FIFO will be the determining factor alone if vessel or berth space was ever to become an issue.

Important change to the documents required for RORO cargo deliveries to Tilbury

Grimaldi UK are pleased to announce the first in a series of initiatives that during the next few months will change the method of receiving cargo to our berth in Tilbury Docks.

Effective from Monday 4th February, ALL shippers of Used RORO items and New Cargo NOT delivered by the main manufacture are required to down load and present the following standardised documents which are available on line from our Website.
Both documents are and consist of :

Bar coded label (BCL)
Bar coded Standard Shipping note (BCSSN).

The BCL is to be adhered to the inside rear window passenger, or passenger window of all Used RORO items. For Plant equipment the label should be adhered inside of the most appropriate window, but not obscuring any subsequent drivers view.

The BCSSN will be partially completed with the cargo information already provided at the time of booking. All other sections normally expect to be completed will have to be updated by yourselves or the delivery party/supplier manually.

As we understand that this change may take a little time to be taken up fully, we will allow for a short period delivery access to the Port for those vehicles where a BCL & BCSSN are not presented. However the berth receiving staff will prioritise cargo where the above has been complied with, as incorrect data provision has been sighted by the Port authorities as a key issue in berth delays.

After the exemption period ALL used cargo will be scanned at the main gate prior to delivery to our berth. Any cargo presented at the main gate that does not comply with the details contained in our system and reflected by the BCSSN will be refused access to the Port. You will be required to make whatever amendments needed with the Grimaldi office you booked your cargo with and download a new set of documents.

The above initiative will be supported by changes presently being made by the Port Authorities which will support Grimaldi Lines intention to move to a strict FIFO operation and bring about major improvements in turn around times in all cargo operations.
Further details will be provided in the coming period.

We believe that the above will greatly enhance receiving and benefit all shippers in the long run.

The New documents are available NOW from the E-services section of our website –, along with other helpful information, scheduling etc.

The below link will take you to the specific area.

From the above link please select Print Delivery Documents

We have provided two options to access these documents, one for registered customers (this allows you to see all your booking references for specific voyages), registration is quick and straight forward and we would recommend this option for regular volume shippers. Alternatively we have another option that is better suited for irregular shippers or as a point of access for suppliers/remote delivery parties that can not collect these documents from the booking parties office.
We would recommend that those clients wishing to register do this as soon as possible.

Both methods are self explanatory, however we highlight below the process for non registered customers;

You are required to simply enter your email address, and confirm such. This email address must be the address of the email you can access. We will send to this email address a secure link with an embedded pass code, which will be active for 10 minutes. The link will take you to an input window where you are required to enter the full S3 number and last 6 digits of your chassis no. Once you have done this and clicked Search for Vehicle you will be presented with a screen showing the basic details of your cargo, which should be checked and a print documentation button. If all details are correct then please click the print documentation button and proceed according to your local print settings.

Please direct any questions to Grimaldi Agencies UK – 0207 7669420.

Grimaldi Group

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