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  • Ghana EPA Notice – Effective 1st November 2018

Ghana EPA Notice – Effective 1st November 2018

Published on: 10 October 2018

Dear customer,

Please see the below advisory note as to the impending implementation of the a pre-shipment inspections for electronic equipment (EEE) and tyres for exports into Ghana.
Below is a summary of our understanding of the regulations coming into force. We recommend those customers who maybe affected to check the relevant websites and talk to their customers/Importers.

SGS will and associated companies around the world, carry out physical inspection and verification at the country of export of any used electrical and electronic products and tyres.

SGS will collect an advance eco levy on all electrical and electronic equipment and tyres exported to Ghana, based on the “polluter pays principle”.

Implementation Date of 1st November 2018 is the loading date at Port of Loading (note : we understand that the Authorities have requested SGS to update their website to show 1st November).

Liability of compliance rests with the importer / exporter. Importers of EEE and tyres to the Republic of Ghana are responsible to inform their supplier/exporter of the mandatory nature of the program and of the requirement to register on the-environmental platform deployed by SGS.

No consignment will be cleared through Customs without an electronic environmental declaration form approval / clearance certificate

For further information, shippers should refer to SGS directly.

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