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  • IMPORTANT- Commencement of Port Specific FIFO receiving and loading in Tilbury for used West African RORO cargo – IMPORTANT

IMPORTANT- Commencement of Port Specific FIFO receiving and loading in Tilbury for used West African RORO cargo – IMPORTANT

Published on: 15 May 2013

Please note that with effect from the 13th May Grimaldi Lines will operate in Tilbury a full Port specific, First in First out (FIFO) receiving and loading operation for all used WAF RORO cargo.
Grimaldi have been operating on an unofficial FIFO since the inception of the weekly service to Lagos and Tema, but feel a move to full FIFO operation will enhance the service provided to all parties and complement the changes instigated in gate reception over the past weeks in Tilbury.

Clients will see little outward change to the way bookings are made except you will be asked for an expected delivery date.
Under FIFO the date on which your cargo is delivered to the quay will now be the controlling factor as to which vessel your cargo will be loaded on.

Grimaldi will continue to take bookings against a specific voyage based on the POD’s being served and expected date of arrival of the cargo. Please ensure you have an idea of when the cargo will be delivered.
Generally cargo will be booked against the first available sailing, unless the expected delivery date is later than the closing date for this vessel, in this case the cargo will be booked for the second vessel.

Grimaldi will have open, for receiving, 2 WAF voyages (please see Web schedule). Any cargo booked for the later vessel but arrives prior to the official closing of the first will be automatically rolled into the earlier sailing subject to space.

The FIFO operation requires the Clients to understand and ensure the following ;

Cargo loading will be governed by the order of delivery to the quay and subsequent stowage in the Terminal. It is therefore imperative that cargo is delivered as soon as possible, as late arriving cargo booked for the first available vessel will not be prioritised over cargo already on quay.

All cargo arriving on quay in Tilbury MUST be available for shipment * and customer cleared (have permission to proceed)
*Customers MUST ensure that they have all payments that they may require etc, Grimaldi will not, due to quay space restraints, place cargo on hold. If the cargo is not to be shipped before a specific vessel then do not deliver the cargo to the quay. Once the cargo is on quay Grimaldi will take this as acknowledgement that it is available for loading and will act accordingly.

All cargo booked for the second vessel but delivered on quay prior to the closing of the first vessel WILL be rolled on to the first vessel for loading. If you do not want your cargo shipped earlier than the intended vessel then do not delivery your cargo prior to the official closing of the first vessel.

FIFO will be the determining factor alone if vessel or berth space was ever to become an issue.

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