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Important change to the documents required for RORO cargo deliveries to Tilbury

Published on: 6 February 2013

Grimaldi UK are pleased to announce the first in a series of initiatives that during the next few months will change the method of receiving cargo to our berth in Tilbury Docks.

Effective from Monday 4th February, ALL shippers of Used RORO items and New Cargo NOT delivered by the main manufacture are required to down load and present the following standardised documents which are available on line from our Website.
Both documents are and consist of :

Bar coded label (BCL)
Bar coded Standard Shipping note (BCSSN).

The BCL is to be adhered to the inside rear window passenger, or passenger window of all Used RORO items. For Plant equipment the label should be adhered inside of the most appropriate window, but not obscuring any subsequent drivers view.

The BCSSN will be partially completed with the cargo information already provided at the time of booking. All other sections normally expect to be completed will have to be updated by yourselves or the delivery party/supplier manually.

As we understand that this change may take a little time to be taken up fully, we will allow for a short period delivery access to the Port for those vehicles where a BCL & BCSSN are not presented. However the berth receiving staff will prioritise cargo where the above has been complied with, as incorrect data provision has been sighted by the Port authorities as a key issue in berth delays.

After the exemption period ALL used cargo will be scanned at the main gate prior to delivery to our berth. Any cargo presented at the main gate that does not comply with the details contained in our system and reflected by the BCSSN will be refused access to the Port. You will be required to make whatever amendments needed with the Grimaldi office you booked your cargo with and download a new set of documents.

The above initiative will be supported by changes presently being made by the Port Authorities which will support Grimaldi Lines intention to move to a strict FIFO operation and bring about major improvements in turn around times in all cargo operations.
Further details will be provided in the coming period.

We believe that the above will greatly enhance receiving and benefit all shippers in the long run.

The New documents are available NOW from the E-services section of our website – www.grimaldi.co.uk, along with other helpful information, scheduling etc.

The below link will take you to the specific area.

From the above link please select Print Delivery Documents

We have provided two options to access these documents, one for registered customers (this allows you to see all your booking references for specific voyages), registration is quick and straight forward and we would recommend this option for regular volume shippers. Alternatively we have another option that is better suited for irregular shippers or as a point of access for suppliers/remote delivery parties that can not collect these documents from the booking parties office.
We would recommend that those clients wishing to register do this as soon as possible.

Both methods are self explanatory, however we highlight below the process for non registered customers;

You are required to simply enter your email address, and confirm such. This email address must be the address of the email you can access. We will send to this email address a secure link with an embedded pass code, which will be active for 10 minutes. The link will take you to an input window where you are required to enter the full S3 number and last 6 digits of your chassis no. Once you have done this and clicked Search for Vehicle you will be presented with a screen showing the basic details of your cargo, which should be checked and a print documentation button. If all details are correct then please click the print documentation button and proceed according to your local print settings.

Please direct any questions to Grimaldi Agencies UK – 0207 7669420.

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