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  • RORO Packing list Mandatory requirement as of the 1st Aug 2019

RORO Packing list Mandatory requirement as of the 1st Aug 2019

Published on: 25 July 2019

Dear customer,

Due to updates in the Port modalities and Municipal Port Police regulations (MPPR) now in force in Antwerp, it has become necessary to supply a detailed (merchants reference) packing list for all second hand units presented to the berth with additional cargo loaded within. Grimaldi have considered the above and in light of the fact that Antwerp is a key hub port for many destinations, has decided to maintain a harmonised approach, therefore similar regulations will enforced at all Grimaldi European terminals as of the 1st August 2019.

To this end, all units presented with additional cargo loaded on or within at Tilbury Docks for export, will in addition to complying with the reception criteria also require a detailed merchant reference packing list to be affixed to the inside of the front windscreen, lower passenger side, taking care not to obstruct or hinder the view of the driver. This packing list must be referenced with the S3 number and the last 6 digits of the chassis number for the units within which or upon which the cargo has been loaded.

An electronic copy of the packing list must also be sent prior to delivery to the Grimaldi port office – email address packinglist@grimaldi.co.uk – Subject heading must reference the ‘S3 number and ‘Packing list’.

Vehicles presented at Tilbury Docks on or after the 5th of August that do not comply with the above requirement will be refused entry to the terminal. Packing lists cannot be presented after the fact.

We remind customers that any cargo loaded, is on the basis of ‘shippers load stow and count’ and neither the line or terminal accept any liability for the goods.
Packing lists need to be detailed as they maybe referred to by competent authorities monitoring compliance with Maritime and national regulations.

All items declared in a packing list must be compliant with the all environmental and legal requirements governing export and imports for the POL and POD countries involved, as well as those policies and regulations set by the Grimaldi within its published Modalities.

We also remind customers that Grimaldi do not accept any form of IMDG cargo whatsoever and no such items should be loaded within or upon vehicles.

The shipper and their agent remain liable at all times for the correct compliance with all legal obligations pertaining to the export of goods.

We thank you for your understanding and compliance with the above to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving.

Best Regards
Grimaldi Agencies UK Ltd

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