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  • Atlantic Container Line UK Ltd – Name change 1st January 2022

Atlantic Container Line UK Ltd – Name change 1st January 2022

Published on: 20 December 2021

This is to inform you that Atlantic Container Line UK Ltd, the local UK agent for Atlantic Container Line AB and the sub agent for Grimaldi Agencies UK Ltd., on 1st January changed its name to Grimaldi Liverpool Agency Ltd.

This change will not affect the way the company operates its business in any way, but is merely an administrative and costing exercise to align our business more closely with the way Grimaldi Group, our parent company structures its businesses.

As a consequence of the change, Grimaldi Liverpool Agency Ltd. is now the subagent for Grimaldi Agencies UK Ltd which will mean all invoices raised from 1st January 2022 will now be raised through Grimaldi Liverpool Agency Ltd.

Please note this change does not affect any of the commercial terms or agreements with Grimaldi Agencies UK Ltd.

Phone numbers and main team email addresses, with the exception of those shown below, will remain the same. However our personal email addresses will now use the following format: FLastname@grimaldi-liverpool.co.uk.

Original Email Address: Changing To:
expmeddoc@grimaldi.co.uk expmeddoc@grimaldi-liverpool.co.uk
exports@grimaldi.co.uk exports@grimaldi-liverpool.co.uk
deepseaimportdocs@grimaldi.co.uk deepseaimportdocs@grimaldi-liverpool.co.uk
UKMedServices@grimaldi.co.uk UKMedServices@grimaldi-liverpool.co.uk
wafexpdoc@grimaldi.co.uk wafexpdoc@grimaldi-liverpool.co.uk
samexpdoc@grimaldi.co.uk samexpdoc@grimaldi-liverpool.co.uk

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your local UK Grimaldi office.

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