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  • UK Deep-sea service Bill of lading and Customs charges 01/02/22

UK Deep-sea service Bill of lading and Customs charges 01/02/22

Published on: 21 December 2021

Dear customer,

Due to the increased requirements surrounding Blading and customer provisions as a result of Brexit and other changes in general security requirements, pre-announcement of transiting cargoes, etc., it has become necessary to review the present charge levels for B/lading and Customs provision.

Therefore as of the 1st February 2022 the new rates for Blading provision and Custom documentation will rise to.

Bill of Lading £40.00 per set

Export Customs

• £35.00 per standard entry – additional entry item will be charged at £2.50 per additional entry item.

• Multiple Customs entries where required for a specific shipment, will be subject to additional charges for each entry required.

• Where Grimaldi intervention is required to resolve 3rd party customs issues a £5.00 charge will be levied for each intervention.

It should be noted that the Blading & customs charges has not increase in the past 5 years yet the service requirement to produce documents in a every shorter time scale has increased greatly.

These rates still represent some of the lowest charge levels in the Market.

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