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  • New acceptance and booking requirements for Vehicles loaded in containers – IMDG CODE 2010 / SP961

New acceptance and booking requirements for Vehicles loaded in containers – IMDG CODE 2010 / SP961

Published on: 25 September 2020

In order to further support Grimaldi’s handling and acceptance of vehicles in containers as governed by the above IMDG codes. Grimaldi have introduce to the European export market the following additional requirement for the loading and acceptance of container bookings where a vehicle or machinery powered by an internal combustion engine, is to be loaded.
These requirements are already mandatory and fully complied with on our USA/WAF trade.

Effective from the 19th October no container will be loaded onto a Grimaldi vessel where the cargo description is ;

Vehicle(s) & Personal Effects
Vehicle(s) & Spare Parts
Vehicle(s), Motorcycles & ATVs
Machinery (combustion engines)

unless the following has been complied with.

• Vehicle declaration covering IMDG 2010/SP961 has been signed and provided (presently required).

• The following pictorial evidence is to be provided for each vehicle loaded within the container and sent email to the following new address VEHpictures@grimaldi.co.uk.
we are asking for a total of 3 clear pictures for each vehicle loaded within consisting of :

1. VIN number
2. The fuel tank gauge to be completely positioned on the left position (empty) with the fuel light illuminated as proof of the empty tank and the ignition switched on at the time.
3. The battery being disconnected and properly protected from short circuit – at such we need photo of the negative pole of the battery covered / protected
Batteries terminals must be protected by plastic Caps only

Contact your local UK commercial Grimaldi office for example pictures covering 2 & 3 of the above.

We would recommend that with immediate effect the above requirements are complied with for all new bookings and those for the Gr.Tema voy. 0820 in order to ensure that your customers and loading facilities/sites become familiar with the requirement and gain appropriate isolation caps prior to its mandatory implementation date.

If you have any questions please contact your local UK Grimaldi Agency office.

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