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  • Bill of Lading release procedure due to Covid 19 restrictions West African trade

Bill of Lading release procedure due to Covid 19 restrictions West African trade

Published on: 25 March 2020

Dear all, we hope this email finds you all well at this very difficult time.

As you are all aware, Europe is beginning to come to standstill with the effects of the Coronavirus and due to this the Grimaldi Liverpool office team are now all working from home.

Although we are all working from home and able to produce Bills of lading, it is now becoming impossible for us to physically post Bills of lading to forwarding agents.

As of yesterday Tuesday 24th March we will now only offer Telex Releases for all cargo but with the below rules.

1, It is the responsibility of the Forwarder to authorise the WAF Docs team when they require the Telex Release to be done, we will not action releases until the email is received to the group email address wafexpdoc@grimaldi.co.uk. Releases are done at the risk of the forwarder.

2. As instructed by the Line to help WAF agents with a high increase in emails we will send a group Telex email for each POD once a day listing all the Releases for the day. The cut-off to receive Telex Release instructions is at 4pm each day to allow the Docs team time to collate all details sent to us before sending the group email to the POD’s.

3. Once a Telex Release is sent to the POD then you cannot change the details of a Release details. No exceptions.

Please understand that if you request a telex release, the deed of entitlement will transfer to the identified party on your release request, you MUST be sure that your customers have complied with your payment terms. Grimaldi are not liable for any losses you may incur due to the failure to ensure your own payment terms with your customers and they with the consignee etc., have been meet.

We wish you all well and stay safe.

Grimaldi Group

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