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  • Amendment to Gas Free/ Cleaning Requirements for Tanktrailer/ Trucks units at Tilbury

Amendment to Gas Free/ Cleaning Requirements for Tanktrailer/ Trucks units at Tilbury

Published on: 23 August 2019

After a review of the presentation of Gas free certificates in the past few months, it has been decided that Grimaldi Line loading from Tilbury will no longer accept Gas free certificates presented by the shipper. It has become clear that we need to have a consistency in the data presented and the time covered by documents. The change will bring Tilbury in line with other Grimaldi European operations.

Therefore, with effect immediate effect (23rd Aug 2019) Grimaldi will no longer accept gas free certificates issued prior to delivery. Any and all units required to comply with the Lines gas free certification will be subject to survey on the terminal. Cost of the Survey is £115 per unit.

Units that fail the survey will require removal from the terminal within 48hrs and be subject to the survey and redelivery costs.

Grimaldi do not and cannot offer a cleaning or degassing service, this remains the responsibility of the shipper prior to delivery.

We again remind customers that it is their responsibility to present units to the below standard;

All tanktrailers/tanktrucks/loose tanks/fire engines or units that have a pressurised or gravity feed tank etc., need to be completely empty, clean and free of hazardous gas and/or any hazardous cargo upon delivery to the terminal.

Grimaldi advises shipper’s to always use competent cleaning companies and, in this respect, refer to EFTCO (see their website for certificate/terms and conditions), shipper can present for good order associated Certificates, but the Grimaldi survey will still be undertaken and charged.

All liable units including piggy backed/stacked, will be submitted to survey.
Any vehicle not corresponding to these standards will be automatically rejected for loading and shipper will be requested to remove the vehicle from the terminal within 48 hrs.

Any non-hazardous gas present in vehicles like f.e. reefer cooling systems must be compliant with the allowed environmental rules and regulations for export – shippers are to provide a statement wherein the type of gas is declared to allow verification.

For any manufacturer new tanktruck/tanktrailer the shipper must provide an original statement from the manufacturers that the vehicle was never used for loading any cargo. This certificate cannot be older than 5 working days, in cases where the shipper fail to provide such statement then the vehicles will be submitted to survey on the terminal.

The terminal reserves the right to reject any units that they feel are not and cannot be deemed compliant with the above, with all costs remaining for the shipper account.

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