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  • Adjusted receiving criteria for loaded vehicles 8th Dec 2020

Adjusted receiving criteria for loaded vehicles 8th Dec 2020

Published on: 4 December 2020

Dear customer,

Further to our communications of the 25th July 2019, 13th Sept 2019 and 21st Oct 2020, please find the following important revisions / additional new cargo modalities that will be implemented in line with our present cargo modalities for used vehicles.

These revisions have been made in light of the fact that various international bodies and ports responsible for maritime safety are all requiring more effective cargo modalities to enforce and improve the fundamental safety, environmental and shipping regulations in the used vehicles trades and tighter compliance with many existing conventions & regulations including b SOLAS , ISPS , IMDG and the EU waste regulations

The Antwerp Port Authorities have taken the initiative in introducing new and stringent cargo modalities standards which will apply in Antwerp and are expected to develop and become the benchmark for other European ports.

As Antwerp is a Key hub port for the Grimaldi Group, we will be applying these, adjustment across the full range of Grimaldi European load ports served by the Grimaldi Deep-sea service to both West Africa and South America.

Therefore, with effect for any new deliveries as of Tuesday 8th Dec, the following restrictions to the loading of good inside vehicles will be enforced.

1. Cars & Vans (small or big):
NO cargo/ commercial good are to be loaded within the vehicle, the only exception are those items inherent to the vehicle (1 x spare tyre/crutch/small set of tools/fluorescent warning vest/signs).

2. Trucks/Roro :

Truck/Roro designed to carry cargo can load up to the designed vehicle capacity as long as the loaded items are correctly lashed and secured in accordance with previously advised securing
requirements. Loaded cargo must be accessible for inspection on arrival, to ensure that items are compliant with all required regulations in place at the time of delivery.

NO cargo items are allowed in passenger vehicles which were designed for people carriage, such as for example, buses or coaches.

Any Vehicles loaded upon a Truck/Trailer are to be empty

As now, all units will be subject to compulsory weighing and must not exceed the allowed maximum manufactures specification.

All loaded units are to be accompanied with a full detailed packing list as is the case now.

Loaded cargo is to be referenced in export Bill of Lading instructions for Merchant and safety Purposes only, the carrier does not accept liability for the declared contents in
accordance with the terms of carriage as set out in the Bill of Landing.

Any unit found not to be or deemed not to be compliant with the above and any other element of the prevailing Grimaldi receiving modalities will be refused entry or if found after reception will be blocked
for shipment.

All costs involved in the removal of the vehicles will be for the account of the booking party, units will need to be removed immediately or within 24hours, or be subject to rent and other penalty charges.

We hope that customers understand that the changing nature of global shipping brings about constant review based on developing circumstances, please be assured that all new requirements have the interest of all parties at the center of them.

Grimaldi Group

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